Nordgreen has returned to Kickstarter following their successful campaign in 2018. Based in Copenhagen, the brand finds inspiration from Scandinavian-Danish aesthetic philosophy of timelessness, minimalism and functionality. Their founders, Pascar and Vasilij, have a strong passion for watches and Scandinavian design. Starting as a small Kickstarter campaign, Nordgreen raised over $250,000 and are hailed as one of Kickstarter’s most successful campaigns.

Nordgreen’s latest Kickstarter campaign has been designed by Jakob Wagner, a Danish industry veteran. Wagner has previously worked with Bang & Olufsen, Cappellini and Moroso, and now has a permanent exhibition at New York’s MoMA. This campaign offers two new designs; the Pioneer and the re-modelled Native watch. Nordgreen makes a point of listening to the customer’s feedback from the previous campaigns. This collection aims to create an organic connection between product, design and customer.

Nordgreen also makes the promise to give back to their community and beyond. With every purchase of a timepiece, they donate to one of three charities. Customers can choose to provide two months of schooling for a child in India, save two month’s worth of clean water for a person in the Central African Republic or protect 200sq ft of rainforest in Latin America. Whatever they choose, the contribution empowers the wearer and links the piece to them forever.

The Pioneer Watch

With the inspiration from “Science for Humanity”, the Pioneer watch offers a design made for those with an active lifestyle. The timepiece serves as an instrument for science and gains inspiration from the Danes. Throughout history, the Danes have been pioneers for science and their contributions to humanity. Using generations of noteworthy Danish accomplishments the design aims to reflect design, science, and innovation.

The watch face features two dials and a Chrono hand. With both minutes and seconds displayed on the left side of the dial, the right side of the house provides buttons to reset the Chrono hand. With influence from the Danish windmills, the face features red tips on the Chrono hand and minute counter. The design features a sapphire crystal dome, with reliable Japanese quartz moved by Miyota. Choose from three colours, white, black and blue, as well as three case colours, gunmetal, silver and gold. The 20mm straps from previous Nordgreen collections are the perfect complement to the Pioneer.

This is a watch for those who wish for something that can serve as an instrument for science, and complement their active lifestyle. The timepiece is for those who keep a close tab on time – in the fast-paced era we live in, the wearer can’t afford to let time slip away from them.

Native Watch

The Native Watch exemplifies Nordgreen’s attention to detail and love for philosophy. This is the second generation of the bestseller timepiece, offering subtle design updates. These changes are not fashioned to revolutionise the model, but enhance the wearer’s experience of the wristwatch. With a design by Jakob Wagner, the Native combines a pure and sophisticated exterior with straight-forward functionality.

Featuring a classic watch face, the Native stays true to Scandinavian minimalism, and the face-lifted form linking to Copenhagen. With a clean and attractive design, you can choose from three colours: white, black and blue. There are also three case colours for selection, including rose gold, silver and gold. Up close, the timepiece offers rounded hands, case and lugs, complete with a dome and a clean dial. As with all Nordgreen pieces, the beauty is in the details, with tributes to the Danish balance of life and culture.

This is a watch that flatters every outfit – a classic look for men and a refined piece for women. The simplicity behind the design best suits a myriad of occasions and its versatile and distinctive style allows the wearer to blend in with the Copenhagen lifestyle. You won’t be able to go anywhere without a few compliments coming your way. Nordgreen offer a piece that’s honoured with timeless design but full of character.


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